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With a distinct expression combining fleeting movements with a physically and technically demanding language, Aspaas explores Inter- and intra individual psychological processes and dynamics. Developing an almost cinematic presence in her choreographies she is able to create connections between both her inspiring theme with the performers and the audience.

Aspaas often lets a soundscape be the starting point for exploring a psychological theme. Her choreographies typically develop in close collaboration with performers, using improvisation to soundscapes and established themes as a background. The process is aimed at developing a creative connection between her self and the dancers, allowing a process that can bring out the potential in both the theme and the performers.

Her choreographies are expressive both in explosive as well as tender movements, always communicating through abstract but clear dramaturgical narratives. Her creative driving force is to let physical movements expose and expand the audience’s understanding of the choreographic theme.

The daughter of a rock star turned designer and painter mother, an internationally acclaimed sound engineer and stage production business leader father, and growing up with an artist stepmother and a recording studio operator turned broadcasting and telecommunication business leader stepfather, Aspaas has been living and breathing art and performance from birth.

She selected dance as her creative outlet from an early age, and after graduating from the Oslo Academy of the Arts she has continued her education and development in New York, Los Angeles, Israel, Italy, Netherland and Sweden. She has been a much sought after performer and her career has spanned contemporary performances in leading Norwegian companies and numerous musicals, as well as several larger televised productions such as the Nobel peace price concert. Aspaas was titled “Norwegian ambassador of dance 2014”

Initially dividing her time between choreographing, being an active performer and teaching at leading Norwegian dance academies, her attention has turned towards choreography.